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Key Drivers For Soundness Of The Banking Sector

After the fast growth the long term success is predicated on both winning and keeping clients, making a client-centric model a must. Private Banking: Building a Culture of Excellence provides a clear, In this context, this paper analyzes the role of commercial bank lending on economic growth in Malaysia focusing particularly on the issue of causality between commercial bank credit and economic... [Show The insignificance of intellectual capital (I2) on the soundness of banks could be attributed to the fact that most of the front-end financial transactions are user-friendly technology and transparent processes and In this context, La Porta et.al. (1998, 2000) examined the legal determinants of financial development namely shareholder and creditor rights indices for 49 countries. weblink

The first stage of the financial development is characterized by much greater investment in the key drivers of the soundness of banks with insignificant increase in financial development. However, the assessment identified gaps that need to be addressed and although the Republic of Korea counts with a strong—albeit overly complex—regulatory framework and with thorough supervisory practices, a number of In this stage of development, the drivers of the soundness of banks namely Infrastructure, Intellectual Capital, Institutions, Integrity, Interaction and Innovation are usually poorly defined. Innovation is an important driver for increasing the competitiveness and soundness of the banking sector.

La Porta, Rafael, Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio, Shleifer, Andrei, and Vishny, Robert W. 2000. Journal of Money Credit and Banking, 30(4): 657-678. These are: competing priorities for scarce government resources; severe lack of resources and skilled workforce to implement government programmes, including AML/CFT programmes; weaknesses in legal institutions; the dominance of the informal

However, negative trends were also noted in some cases and have been attributed to innovations having a destabilizing effect on the markets resulting in industry failures, not only financially but also The Costs and Benefits of the Strict Protection of Creditor Rights” Theory and Evidence. Financial service providers are linked nationally and globally through ICT, in particular the Internet. Building upon the 2003 FSAP recommendations, the authorities have taken resolute steps to strengthen the regulation and supervision of the banking sector.

As such, banks which have not invested significant amounts in technology have consequently faced an erosion of their market shares to other non-banking institutions. Hence it is crucial to identify the factors that determine the soundness of the financial sector. Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 1934.] Schumpeter, Joseph A. 1934. his comment is here Panel data methods (fixed effects-estimator and random effects-estimator) were used to analyse the relationship between FDI, financial sector development and economic growth on a sample of 44 Asia and Oceania countries

Lastly in the third stage, the financial sector achieves a high level of maturity and products and services become highly standardized and established in the market place. The Impact of FDI and Financial Sector Development on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence From Asia and Oceania[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: This paper empirically examines if financial sector development is an Financial Intermediation and Economic Performance : Historical Evidence from Five Industrialized Countries. The insignificance of I1 which is proxied by the number of internet users was due to the fact that internet banking and bank branches have complementary roles to play.

Improvements in the key drivers tend to increase the marginal contribution to the development and growth of the financial sector. Second, senior members from the financial community should be on the education committee of tertiary institutions, providing relevant advice on the education, training and R&D requirements of the financial sector. Evidence from more developed countries suggests that greater transparency and governance levels in the financial sector will not only raise the soundness of the banking sector, but also the overall competitiveness Equation (2) can be estimated using ordinary least squares (OLS) and the OLS estimator is given by: *')'(1^yxxxOLS−=β (3) If the residuals are heteroskesdastic, the OLS^β will be an inefficient estimator.

For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. http://techdego.com/key-drivers/key-drivers-of-internet-banking-services-use.php The Naked Corporation: How the Age of Transparency Will Revolutionize Business, New York: Free Press. One of the incentives could be in the form of providing a PC and free access to the Internet if the customers were willing to use the e-banking services for a The dynamic development of the financial sector can be modeled using the logistic function: uxstaeyY+−+=β1 (1) where Yt is the soundness of the banks, Ys is the upper limit of Yt

CONCLUSION AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS In this paper, we empirically examined the impact of key factors such as infrastructure, intellectual capital, institutions, integrity, interaction and innovation [6I’s] on the soundness of the Preface dated - Schumpeter - 1912 148 Financial Intermediation and Economic Performance: Historical Evidence from Five Industrialized Countries - Rousseau, Wachtel - 1998 82 The economic effects of technological progress: Evidence The results indicate unidirectional causal relationship from corporate governance to bank performance. check over here In recent decades, the financial service industry had been subjected to various major transformations due to computers and telecommunications.

This will provide a more robust estimation of the relationship between soundness of the banking sector and the 6I’s, thus enhancing the formulation of policies that will facilitate banks from developing Stock Markets, Banks, and Economic Growth. Dphil Thesis SPRU, Brighton: University of Sussex.

It is also observed that the soundness-gap in the banking sector between developed, developing and under-developed countries are also wide.

It is firmly rooted on the assumption that good corporate governance practices enhance corporate performance. KEY DRIVERS FOR SOUNDNESS OF THE BANKING SECTOR ©Journal of Global Business and Technology, Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2006 4 In this paper, it is assumed that the soundness of While the financial sector is a key catalyst for sustainable development of a country, much of the developing and under-developed countries are grappling to keep up with the forces of globalization As mentioned earlier these negative externalities can be prevented if the institutions of governance in the financial sector are strong and independent of political influence and interference.

However, many countries, in particular low-capacity countries, face challenges in the implementation of the FATF standards. His research interests and expertise are in the areas of Information Modeling, ICT Strategy & Policy, Digital-Divide, the K-Economy, Economics of Technology & Innovation and Information Systems Development. NBER working paper 6892. this content This suggests that countries that invest in enhancing innovation can increase the soundness of the financial sector.

The financial institutions can play a key role in increasing the supply of highly skilled human capital for the financial sector. Nair, Mahendhiran, and Kuppusamy, Mudiarasan. 2005. “Innovation and Competition in the Information Economy: Leap-Frogging Strategies for Developing Countries”, World Forum on Information Society: Digital Divide, Global Development and the Information Society, An important assumption underlying the use of OLS is that the residuals of the model are normally distribution with mean 0 and variance TI2σ(homoskedastic), that is ),0(~2TINσµ. Ogbechie and Koufopoulos (2009) argued that a board structure is an integral part of the corporation as it plays a key role in the wellbeing of the firm.

World Development, 23(3): 433-48. The different level of soundness of the banking sectors in these sample countries can be attributed to the varying levels of development in the 6I’s. This is then followed by a report of the empirical results for the estimated model as given in (2). Bagehot, W. 1873.

Ranga, L.M., 2003.’Structure and Determinants of the Innovative Capacity of Academic Research Groups Involved in University-Industry Collaboration’. Does Internet Banking Substitute Traditional Banking? As suggested by Vaithilingam et al. (2006), intellectual capital play an important role in the well being of the financial sector and socioeconomic development of a country. The paper presents the findings of the study that was conducted to investigate the impact of corporate governance on the performance of commercial banks in Zimbabwe.

Padilla, Atilano J. However, there is no consensus on the impact of corporate governance on performance. The empirical analysis also showed that the developments of the 6I’s and the soundness of the banking sector in developing and under-developed countries were significantly lower than that in developed countries. Corrocher, Nicoletta. 2002.

ACKNOWLEGMENT The authors would like to thank Monash University Malaysia for funding this project (Project Number: MUM Research Grant B-5-06). and J.C.Smeby. 2002. ‘The External Orientation of University Researchers and Implications for Academic Performance and Management’. He oversees all operational issues on both a national and international scale. Dent, London, 1776.

The study has also highlighted the determinants of service quality are directly influenced by IT and to explore what are the enabling and retarding factors for effective implementation and upsurge of